Friday, July 18, 2008

Planes, Wedding, Thoughts about Life, and Batman

Well here I am back again posting live from my seat on Southwest Airlines flight 363 row 20 seat C heading towards Orlando, Florida. No I actually am not posting this on the plane live but am in the process of typing it. For all the non-flyers out there I am sitting in a aisle seat, which has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the many privileges of sitting on the aisle is that you can stretch your legs out into the aisle, but yet at the same time can be one of the biggest disadvantages of an aisle seat when the five year old obnoxious kid (like myself at that age) walks up and down the aisle stepping on the toes of every person on the aisle. So enough about the current setting I am in and lets get to why in the world I am going back to the city I spent the first ten years of my life.

I will never forget the day that I was sitting at my desk in Auburn, AL probably just browsing the web or maybe facebook, when Sage walked in to my room to ask me a simple question yet at the same time such an honor. He said, “Nathan, would you like to be in my wedding?” I responded with, “Sure, as what a usher or something?” He followed up with, “No, as one of my groomsmen.” Well at this point I was absolutely thrilled to have the honor to be involved in Sage and Betsy’s wedding. It caught me so off guard because we had some talks a month before this about how he wanted to keep his wedding to just family but then he decided to bring a few of his close buddies in also. I am heading to Orlando for the next nine days to hang out with old friends from my childhood while at the same time be able participate in Sage and Betsy’s wedding on July 26, 2008. Sage and I knew of each other in elementary school but since he was a year older than me we did not hang out. To make a long story short, I started at Auburn University fall of 2006 where I roomed with my best friend Scott Hosey from Orlando, FL also. One of our first nights in Auburn he asked if I wanted to go to dinner with two guys from Orlando that were a year older than us at The First Academy. I was all about it and ever since then Sam (my roommate this next year, also in the wedding) and Sage have been two of my best friends. This week will be full of adventures across the city of Orlando so keep posted to the blog to check out what we have been up to.

With Sage being the first one of my close friends near my age to get married it brings about many thoughts. I am thrilled for him and Betsy, but then I try to picture myself in that situation. A year from now what if it was myself getting married in less than a week? All of the people who really know me are probably thinking, “Nathan you need to find a girl first, start dating her, and then worry about that.” In my head I realize that realistically I am nowhere near getting married, but it is just a scary thought to think about. Rob Silverii (best friend from highschool and also at Auburn University with me) and I were talking on the way home from diner last night about this topic and I think its easier for girls to dream so big about the day they get married than it is for guys. I was telling Rob about just think about the first day you get back from your honeymoon and you are no longer living with guys in an apartment or house but instead spending the rest of your life with the same roommate. I guess that is why God made marriage so special because to be able to spend 40 some odd years with the same roommate that you love dearly is quite special. I don’t even think right now I could live with Romeo (one of my dog’s) for the rest of my life. With that said though, I think this just proves how much God values who he chooses for you or me to be future spouse. I am absolutely thrilled about this upcoming year to see what God has in store.

By the way, I saw The Dark Knight last night with Rob at midnight. It was definitely a great movie that kept my attention pretty much the whole time. Heath Ledger did a phenomenal job of playing the role or may I go as far to say as buying into the role of the Joker. It is kind of sad to know that he has passed away and I really think that after seeing the movie I now know why he was warned to be careful about taking this role. The movie is definitely not a light film but instead rather dark and gloomy. I would definitely recommend it.

Well this plane is about to land and the blog is getting to long, but once again stay tuned to the blog for hopefully daily post on what is going on in O-Town (Orlando, FL). Last post, I didn’t get to many comments but would love to hear from anyone and everyone.

In Him,

Nathan Ring

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