Thursday, July 17, 2008


First time blog posting. I always thought about having one of these, but at the time I thought I would probably not be able to keep up with it. Here I am though past those thoughts encouraged to really make this happen. I have had many influential people influence my creating of this blog. The list would have to go Francis Chan (pastor out of Semi Valley, California), April Ring Stephens (my older sister who you will I am sure hear about sometime), and Chris Wheeler (Fellowship Student Ministries pastor). So to start I have to thank them for influencing my decision.

I feel like most people know me who would be reading this, but I will give a brief introduction. Born in Orlando, Florida. Moved to Brentwood, TN at the age of 10. Graduated high school in Brentwood and then went onto Auburn University where I am currently a student entering my Junior year as a communications major with a focus on Public Speaking. I desire to go into full time ministry after I finish up at Auburn, during seminary. My family is very important to me. I have three sisters who have taught me a lot growing up. April is 26, Ashley is 23, and Amy Joy is 18. My dad is a evangelist ( and mom has a full time job of making sure my life runs smoothly. For this summer I have been working with Fellowship Bible Church right here in Brentwood, TN as a youth intern. It has been great to see what youth ministry looks like while at the same time hanging out with individuals whom have been very influential in my walk with the Lord. I had a chance to go to Africa in the middle of May to the beginning of June with my campus ministry down at Auburn. Check it out at ( All of this stuff you will eventually/hopefully hear about in later posts but I said this introduction would be brief so these are the headliners of Nathan Ring's Life. Now onto like a real blog post.

I am a avid listener to Hillsong/Hillsong United out of Australia and recently I happened to land my hands on a copy of their most recent CD to come out called This is Our God. Once again they have somehow incorporated incredible worship music that I find myself listening to about everyday. If I was musically inclined I would say that the bridge of a song called Desert Song has really hit me in the face.

"All of my life in every season, you are still God. I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship" Desert Song - Hillsong

Desert Song story and song:

I found myself really wondering can I really say that? Can I proclaim that when I am pretty frustrated or just not really wanting to pursue God that I even have a reason to sing or worship? It really just hit me about the love of our Father. Many times I wake up and don't even think about pursuing God instead just move on with my busy life filled with different objectives going on around me. The more I listened to the song I started to think about how my Lord never gives up on us even when we wake up not wanting to pick up the Cross and follow him. God sent his son to Calvary seeing me and you coming down a long road that we cannot face without his mercy and grace overwhelming us. There are so many characteristics about God that I just become so overwhelmed with trying to comprehend. The love that comes from our Father is one of those characteristics. I just challenge you today to think about the love of the Lord Jesus and how when you don't feel like pursuing Him he has never forgotten about you. No matter where you stand spiritually when you call upon the Lord he will meet you right where you are even if you feel like you are not worthy to even call upon his wonderful name.

That is where my heart is right now. I am so thankful for a loving Father who meets us right where we are spiritually. My prayer is that I will never become forgetful of what it means to serve a King with all my heart and to remember that it is a daily walk to choose to follow Him daily.

Hope you enjoyed. Give me some feedback on what you thought about the first post! Have a great night if your up late reading this or if you are in the middle of your day Have a great day!

In Him,


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I added you to my page! Love the blog... even if you did copy me :)