Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 3 in Haiti

Today was incredible. Well after I was woke up on the roof to rain and carrying my mattress downstairs at like 2 AM and then sweating in the hot room until 6 AM. That was not so fun at all. Anyway, today we first started off by painting downstairs in the school where we painted 3 class rooms. That lasted for a few hours, then we ate lunch. 

After lunch, we headed to repraties which is another Haiti Outreach Ministries church and compound about 15 minutes away. They had a church here but it was completely leveled by the earthquake. The only thing left standing was the entrance. The about 10 foot wall to the compound was completely in rubble. It was an eery feeling to see God's house in rubble but somehow knowing in that rubble there was hope. There is a big tent city at this place so we filled 50 1 gallon jugs to pass out. They went really quick but it was so cool to see people sprinting to get this water. As they were running I had a vision come to me of people running to the father to receive living water and salvation. The kids smiles as they laughed at how big my feet looked with my boots on made me smile. So much good video footage from this. 

After passing out the water we had to go to the market but it was pretty much all the way through port au prince so today was the first day we saw a lot of earthquake damage. Just wow. The best way to describe it is imagine a stack of pancakes. I saw a 7 story building just stacked like pancakes. So many houses, school, churches, businesses etc. are just piles of rubble now. News cameras and pictures do not do it justice. It was a weird experience, but the thing is people are so hopeful for the future of Haiti. We went home after the market driving through a place we will be tomorrow where 300,000 people live in 2 square miles. It used to be a land fill but now it is one of the largest slums in the western hemisphere. In the midst of chaos there is peace. 

The Lord is doing a lot of work here. There is a team of doctors with us also as well as a couple construction guys. Continue to pray for us. 

So, everyday I am doing a video blog here in Haiti about three times a day. The internet is to slow to upload them. When I get back into the states I am going to give you all the blog updates. Its going to be crazy cool footage for everyone to see. Nathan (team lead from Macon, GA) has a tripod for a flip cam so using that some also. Its been cool. 

Sorry for the length of this one. Hope you enjoyed. God Bless. 

In Him, 

Nathan Ring


Fanie & Yolande said...

Keep up with your wonderfull work.. You will be in our prayers. You are an inspiration for others.

spock said...

Wow what you are doing is awsome and will be praying for you each day to be kept safe and do what God is leading you to do.
Look forward to following you on your blog and missed seeing you in SA. Uncle Stan